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Request For Your Own Personal Online Business Blog That Will Generate At Least :


One Thousand Dollars

For You Every Month.


You Are Going To Get :

       i. A Personal WordPress Magazine Style Blog With :

          Free Hosting Server ( You will never pay for Hosting Server )

          Free SSL Certificate ( To give the Blog Secure / Safe Status ).


      ii. Advertising Tools And Resources.


They will be set up to automatically generate money for you online.


This Is How This Will Be Done


We will help you submit Partnership Request to

          i. Companies that are Offering Services people needs / cannot do without

             Example of this is – Advertising Service For Businesses.


          ii. Companies that are Selling Goods that people need and will love to get.

             Example of this are :

Hair Accessories Products

Women’s Fashion Products

Men’s Fashion Products

Weight Loss Products

Beauty Products

Kid Products

Kitchen Products

Health & Wellness Products

Home Decor Products

Outdoor Product

Tech Products etc.

We are going to help you partner companies whose products sell fast, whose products are a hot cake.


Note This :

The Blog’s Set Up

The Blog Content ( Posts )

Will All Be Done For You.


The blog will be set up to attract people who will request for these services and goods through you, and the companies will be paying you commissions for each person the blog attracts.

Some of the services are Monthly Subscription based and will enable you to be receiving commissions continuously.


Let’s look at Advertising Service,

          This is a must for Businesses and Companies. Any company that fails to advertise is a dead company. Facebook and Google, as big as they are, advertise their Businesses every day.

Advertising service is one that will never lack customers. You can tap into this now and be making easy money online.

This is an easy business. You won’t need to stress yourself to make money because the hard work, will be automatically done by the Blog and the Advertising Tools.


The Blog Will :


i. Automatically convince visitors to become a customer of your business. The blog content will do this. You are going to have content that will surely convince visitors from us.

ii. Contain proves that your Business is genuine.

iii. Save you the time you are using to convince People.

iV. You will be able to refer anyone that request for details about your business to it.

V. You’ll be able to have some of the Millions of people searching for information on Google and other Search Engines referred to your Business Blog whenever they searched for information that relates to Your Business for free.


This gives your Business more exposure.

You will have visitors who will become a customer of two or more of your Business at once.


The Advertising Tool Will :


i. Automatically advertise your Business every day on at least 50 Facebook Business Groups.

ii. Be attracting a lot of visitors to your Business Blog daily.

iii. Help you save the time you are using to post to groups.

iV. Get your Business Advertised on more Business Groups, much more than what you can do manually.

V. Expose your Business to Thousands of people every day.

Vi. Be working for you as long as want it to.


Fliers :


   Will be added to the Advertising Tool ( As An Image ) to attract the attention of people fast. Images attract people faster on social Media Sites than ordinary Text.

Different Fliers will be designed for your Business Adverts.

You will be receiving the commissions they generate into your Bank or Payment Account.


Note This,

           You can also use the Blog and the Advertising Tools to improve all the Business you are already into.


Get In Touch With Us & Submit A Request For This Business Blog Here : 


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