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How To Avoid Losing Money Online


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If you had tried to make money online and earned nothing or earned less than what you invested ( especially if you had joined a business that requires downlines/referrals) and this made you labelled the business a scam. The truth is, those ones you joined are not really scam.

      They are a scam if you earned money which you can see in your account balance on the business website ( Your Member Area ) and you requested for Payment but the Business owner failed to pay you.


The Reasons You Earned Nothing Or Less Than Invested Money Are :

  → You Don’t Know How To Advertise

  → You Are Too Busy To Advertise Online

  → You Are Not Doing Enough Advertising

  → Your Advertising Is Not Working / Not Giving You Downlines / Sales

  → You Are Not Using The Right Or Enough Advertising Resources ( Especially Flyers For Your Social Media Adverts ) And Tools

  → You Don’t Know How To Come Up With The Advert Message That Will Work

  → You Don’t Know How To Convince A Lot Of People To Join Your Online Business

  → You Don’t Know How To Recruit / Attract The Needed Number Of Downlines / Referrals For Your Online Business

  → You Relied On Your Upline / Sponsor Because He Or She Promised To Get You Downlines But Failed To Fulfil The Promise

  → You Expected The Business To Pay You Without Recruiting Any Downlines / Referrals Because They Told You, Downlines Are Not Needed.


How To Avoid Losing Money Online

If you want to avoid losing money online, make sure there is a good plan you are convinced will really get you what you want from the business you are about to join.

       If you are going to be doing the work needed by yourself, make sure you have a good plan you can use to get you what you want from the business.

Make sure you have advertising resources and tools that will get you the downlines/referrals you need in the business.


If you can’t work on the business by yourself, make sure you join the business through an Upline that is already having a convincing plan and advertising resources which you are sure will make you succeed in it.


      Whenever you see an advert of a business you like to join, ask the advertiser his or her plan on how both of you will succeed in the business.

If you can find a team that you feel is having a good advertising plan, join through them.

     There is no business that does not need advertising. If someone is telling you advertising is not needed, you should be expecting them to do the advertising for you. Ask them how they are going to be doing that for you.


Even High Yield Investment Platform / Pure Investment Platforms do need advertising if you want to make a lot of money from them. You won’t earn a lot of money if you rely only on your Investment Profit unless you are investing a lot of money ( Thousands ). The Top earners from these Platforms are making more money from inviting people into the business.


Stop believing in ” No Work Needed / No Referral Needed ” statement.

Ask how you will be helped if you are not bringing in downlines/referrals.

Ask their plan that will get you paid for not doing any work.


  → Stop joining online businesses based on the benefits advertised alone, consider how you are going to be successful in the business.

  → Avoid joining online businesses through someone who is an amateur when it comes to advertising online in case you are someone that needs support to succeed in the business. Someone that is in need of support cannot offer you support.


Follow All These And You Will Surely Stop Losing Money Online.


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