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If you love to improve your business fast

If you love to increase your income online fast

Set Up a Blog

That Promotes

Free Advertising Platform’s Offers.

All businesses need to be advertised to be a success.

Advertising is needed for people to know a business exists.

Advertising service is a product that will never lack customers.

There are a lot of people out there that loves to advertise their businesses, most of whom will jump at the offer of Free Advertising.

If you set up a blog that consists of free advertising offers, you will surely have a lot of people checking the blog every day. In fact, the blog will start getting visitors without waiting for days, weeks, months because most of the people that will come across the blog will want to check the blog out to take advantage of the offers.

There are some people out there looking for ways to generate traffic, hits for their blogs, websites, businesses. There are posts on forums from these kinds of people. Your blog will be the solution to their problem.


The blog will be the solution for :

Those looking for ways to advertise their businesses

Those looking for traffic, hits for their websites, blogs

Those looking for ways to generate leads, downlines for their Network Marketing Programs

Those looking for ways to attract customers for their products.


Kind of Free Advertising To Offer

The free advertising offers that should be on the blog are ones from :


Solo & Mailers

Traffic Exchanges

Discussion Board or Forums

Social Media Sites ( Especially ones set up for Business ).


Examples of Such Offers are :

          5 Solo Ads To All Members Email

          150,000 Credits

          2 Full Page Ads

          4 Text Ads ( 20,000 Views Total )

          3 468×60 Banners ( 15,000 Views Total )

          3 125×125 Banners ( 15,000 Views Total )

          3 Featured Ads With Text ( 7,500 Views Total ).


Another One :

          3,000 Advertising Credits

          3,000 Views / Visits

          7,000 Advertising Credits

          7,000 Views / Visits

          Solo Blast To All Members

          1,500 Visits From BlastMyAds

          10,000 Advertising Credits On ViralTeCoop

          50,000 Advertising Credits On ViralBannerAdCoop

          20 Text Ad Blasts On ViralTextAdCoop

          50,000 Banner Impression On PromoCode Plus.


There are a lot of these kinds of Free Advertising Offers online from Top Advertising Platforms. They are the sign-up bonus. People just need to sign up and get them. Search for them and get them on your blog.


How To Get Hits / Visitors For The Blog

What you need to do to start getting visitors for the blog is simple.

       Use the same advertising offers to attract people to the blog. When you attract a member of Platform A, they will be able to know Platform B, C, D and so on exist. They will surely use them to also increase their advertising online. No amount of Advertising is too much.


How The Blog Will Improve Your Business

Now that you have set up the blog and you are already getting a lot of Hits, Visitors, you should try and get some of the visitors to also join your business. Lot of them will be opened to more income opportunities as long as your business is genuine and having a good compensation plan or benefits.

       Convert the hits your blog is getting to more income in your business. Create a page for your income opportunities.

Remember, your blog is about Free Advertising offers. All blog posts should be on that but you can set up a page for your own business. Some of the visitors will surely check it out and join.

       Use a Catchy / Attractive word as the page name. You can as well refer to your business page as a way to make money or more money online on some of the advertising offer posts.

Your business needs traffic, hits, visits, visitors to be a success. Since the blog is getting them, take advantage, use them to improve your business.

       Your Free Advertising Offer blog will not stop getting visitors as long as it stays online. New visitors will surely come back to take advantage of more free offers. They will refer people to your blog too especially those making money from Network Marketing Platforms. They will refer their downlines to your blog in order to help them build their own downlines.

You should refer your downlines to the blog if you are also into Network Marketing Business. You will be helping your downlines by doing this.


Use The Blog To Build Your Own List

        Another advantage of having this kind of blog is that it can be used to build one’s own list fast.

Your blog is about Advertising, people need it and you are offering free advertising to them. They will love this and will be ready to know of any new updates or offers.

       Ask your visitors to subscribe for your updates. Let them know you will alert them the moment there is new Free Advertising Offers on your blog.

Turn some of your visitors to a List and use the list to improve your business. Some of your subscribers will be opened to more income opportunities, take advantage.


How To Make Money From The Advertising Offers

You will make money from the advertising offers by urging people to also consider the upgraded membership on the Advertising Platforms.

         Show them the benefits they will enjoy if they upgrade their account. If they upgrade, you will receive a percentage of the upgraded fee. You will also receive a commission if your blog visitors pay for any of the extra Advertising services or offers on the Advertising Platforms.

This is how you will make money from them. A lot of people will get their account upgraded because they will want to go for full Advertising offers. This is a huge source of income.


         It is important you consider having the blog set up. You will be helping yourself and all those you introduced to your business.

A lot of people are reluctant to join Network Marketing Platforms because they don’t know how and where to advertise and build the business. Your blog will be the solution to their problem. You will get a lot of people convinced if you already solved the problem of downlines recruiting.


Setting Up The Blog

          You should use WordPress for it

          Get a Top Domain Name Registered for it

          Get a Good Hosting Server For The Blog.

If you can’t set it up by yourself, get in touch with us and we will get everything done for you.


You Will Get All These Done For You :

          Top Domain Name Registered

          One Year Hosting Server Plan

          SSL Certificate for the Blog to make it secured

          At least Twenty ( 20 ) Free Advertising Offers Posts set up for you

          Each of the Offers will have your inviting link

          A page set up for your own business

          Adverts are done for you every day for 60 Days

The blog will be worked on and get it ranked below One Million by Alexa within 60 Days.


If you are ready to get it set up


Submit Request Through Our Support Page Here : 


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